Casa Rocha hosts a children’s group once a week in the morning and once a week in the afternoon. The ages of the children who come to these groups varies from 6 to 12 years old. They learn more about God and do activities that stimulate their creativity and social interaction. It is an opportunity for us to show them love and bring them joy and hope.


(Crackland) In July 2014, Casa Rocha started working in an area in part of the slum where crack addicts and dealers meet day and night, to use and to sell drugs. Once a week, several members of the team go there to give out coffee and bread. They pray, spend time with the people, listening to them and also encouraging them that God has not forgotten about them and offering them a way off the streets.


Casa Rocha offers all age workshops for the community in the following skills: drum, dance, computer, english, jiu jitsu, swimming, guitar, drama and violin.


Twice a week Casa Rocha offers water aerobics for women from the community. The classes are given by a professional physical education teacher.


One of the goals of Casa Rocha is to see this community transformed by God’s love and grace. Therefore, the team often visit the families of the children who come to the groups, and also visit other families living in the slum as God leads. Their hope is to build strong relationships in order to bring His kingdom to this community.


Casa Rocha has groups for teenagers ages 13 to 17 years old, one afternoon the girls meet which involves cooking, arts, swimming and hearing the word of God. One evening a week the boys meet, this involves fun times together including swimming, sports, x-box and sharing the word of God.